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A nutritious way to lose weight. The My Good Body app and the Good Butt cards provide an easily understood and easy to follow weight loss system that if used correctly, WILL help you lose weight.

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Meet Mary

I was unfit and very overweight, my husband wanted us to travel to France to watch the Tour de France and do some walking in the Pyrenean Mountains. I remember thinking I just would not be able to keep up with the walking group. Always in the past when I tried to lose weight I would stop reducing my intake because I was too tired and listless.

Watching the cyclists I began to wonder what they ate to allow them to cycle each day as they did. I decided to find out what I should be eating...

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The M.G.B Principle

The principle behind My Good Body app is simple; to provide your body with the correct nutrition to be healthy, while at the same time, the right amount of calories to allow you to lose weight (if you are not getting the correct nutrition from the food you eat, no amount of food restraint, determination and dieting will work in the long term).

Give your body the correct nutrients and it will reward you with a dramatic increase in energy.

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